Your Guide to Choosing Comfy and Stylish Workout Clothes 

Your Guide to Choosing Comfy and Stylish Workout Clothes 

Believe it or not, the workout clothing you wear can have a significant impact on the success of your workout!

If you’re on the market for some new workout gear, you should consider both the style and function of the workout clothing you buy. The best workout gear is made from premium fabrics like nylon and polypropylene which can help wick sweat away from your skin and keep you cool. You can even find workout clothing specifically designed to help improve the performance of your favorite sports.

But that’s not all the right workout clothing can do! Choosing stylish workout clothing that you enjoy wearing and that fits well can help motivate you to get your daily workout in. With all this in mind, it’s time to ditch your old gym clothes and upgrade your wardrobe with some stylish new workout clothes!

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Here’s our guide to choosing the comfiest and stylish workout clothing that’ll take you effortlessly from your favorite yoga class to lunch with your girlfriends! 

General Tips 

Here are some of the qualities that you should look for to ensure you get workout clothing that is not only stylish but functional too: 

  • Ability to wick away moisture: If you don’t want to look sweaty after your workouts, you’d better choose clothing with the ability to wick away moisture. They will help you look and feel dry even after intense workout sessions!
  • Comfort: Looking stylish in your workout gear is important, but if your clothing isn’t comfortable, you probably won’t wear them. Make sure the clothing you choose fits comfortably and caters to your movements.
  • Fit: Looking stylish in workout clothing is all about choosing clothing that fits appropriately. You work hard in the gym, and show it off by choosing styles that flatter your shape and hug your body. Avoid bulky or oversized clothing, not only are they unflattering but they’ll also hide all your hard work!
  • Antimicrobial fabric: If you’re planning on sneaking out of the gym with your workout clothing still on, then opt for clothing made from antimicrobial fabric. This technologically-advanced fabric helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria from sweat!

Once you’ve got these qualities down, check out our top trendy picks for comfy & stylish workout staples.

Compression Leggings 

Compression leggings will have you not only looking good but feeling great during your workouts. Make sure the leggings you choose fit snugly around your waist and opt for a high-waisted pair for extra support and to help mask any trouble areas.

If you regularly work out in the summer months, opt for a pair of leggings made from sweat-wicking fabric. This will make them more lightweight and breathable and wick away sweat from your skin. That way, you can wear your leggings directly from the gym to lunch with your girlfriends! 

Want to look extra stylish on your gym days? Look for leggings with intricate details like a wrap-around waist or mesh panels. It’s an easy way to elevate the look of the usual, basic leggings! 

Workout Tee

A workout tee is a wardrobe staple that works double duty in your closet as both a casual tee and a workout basic. Avoid baggy or oversized tees and invest in some form-fitting tees that show off your shape. The best workout tees feature hems along the sides that cinch your waist and make it look smaller. 

Don’t forget about the material too! Avoid cotton t-shirts at all costs since cotton absorbs sweat and moisture and will leave you looking sweaty after your workout. Choose tees made from moisture-wicking materials such as wool or polyester and you’ll stay cool and dry throughout all your workouts!

To get the most out of your tee, choose a t-shirt in a minimalist color like black, blue, or white. That way, you can match it with a number of other looks in your closet and even wear it on your days off from the gym. 

Mid-rise Bike Shorts

No workout wardrobe is complete without a pair of mid-rise bike shorts. If you’re worried that bike shorts won’t be flattering on your figure, don’t be! Thanks to 4-way stretch and compression fabrics, bike shorts are flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.

When choosing your bike shorts, go for a pair that has a high-rise waist and a waist band that won’t dig into your sides. If you choose a neutral color like black or navy, you’ll be able to rock your bike shorts both in and out of the gym. Just throw a basic tee and blazer over your bike shirts and you’ve instantly got an outfit perfect for running errands or a lunch date. 

Flared Yoga Pants

If you’re tired of constantly wearing the same old leggings to the gym, why not elevate your look with a pair of flared yoga pants? Flared yoga pants are a stylish gym pick that will flatter any figure thanks to their wide-legged hem. If you’re pear-shaped or carry your weight on your hips, the extra fabric along the ankles will help round out your figure. 

Flared pants are also much easier to dress up or down based on the occasion. If you find yourself having to run to an important lunch or meeting after your gym class, you can instantly dress up in flared pants by throwing on a jacket or blazer. If you’re facing a casual day running errands instead, just pair your flared pants with a t-shirt or tank top. 

There you have it! These are our top trendy picks for workout clothing that are functional but don’t skimp on style. Remember, whatever style you choose, the most important thing is to wear your clothing with confidence. It’s more important to choose styles that you feel comfortable wearing rather than going for the trendiest picks!

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