Top Categories of Footwear for a Women

Top Categories of Footwear for a Women

We need footwear in order to protect our feet from getting harmed and to not attaining any injury. Footwear are discovered first when in the stone age, our ancestors use to eat fruits and vegetables directly by picking them up from trees, and at that time, there was no concept of cooking, civilization and even footwear! And instead of wearing dresses on, they use to cover themselves with extensively large leaves.

When they use to walk on the ground without having slippers, the stones present on the ground starts to get pricking down their feet and ultimately reach a point when the inner sole suffered from severe redness, inflammation and bleeding. So in order to avoid all those mishaps, footgear was discovered.

Now, you can see in this innovative era, there are different categories of footwear for men as well as women. As we know women are choosy in terms of apparel and shoe wear, so they keep on trying every novel footwear design as soon as it comes up in the market.

Most women use sandals for wedding occasions, sportswear for any outdoor play, flip-flops as casual wear, pumps for offices and school going, etc. Here are some of the extracted categories of women’s footwear discussed below in the following paragraphs.

1- Sandals

The elegant, stylish, pencil heels sandals have become a trend now in wedding occasions. Most of the girls and women, for having an elite look, use to wear on top heeled sandals with full classic maxi to have an arrogant as well as sophisticated look.

Along with a handy clutch and ponytail, it gives you a super smart appearance among all. Depending on the girls’ choice, sandals could be with or without heels, if the one who has knee problems can easily wear flat sandals. Now a days, sandals with transparent strips are most trendy all over the world.

Celebrities use to walk on the red carpet wearing top-heeled transparent sandals along with a full maxi. Whether you would wear it with tight pants, leggings, or shorts, it will give you a super stylish and modish form. If you want to have an exclusive sandal with good quality texture, you can order it with Adidas Discount Code.

2- Sport Shoes

These are specially designed to give your foot complete support while playing outdoor. The

gross difference between a running and a sports shoe is that it provides you side support as well as a complete protection. Like in running shoe, we don’t bend, twitch and twist. So we don’t need extra features in running shoes like that of athletic wear.

Sport shoe is specially tailored to have a full grip on the floor protecting the one not to fall down on the floor. This is one of the most frequently used footgear, as women are fond of taking part in physical activities as well as sports.

3- Flip- Flop

If we talk about casual footwear for women, then flip flop always comes on the top of the list. Every other woman loves to wear it because it makes them feel super comfortable and relaxed with. Like you have to put on nothing on your foot, surely you will this feeling whilst keeping on flip flop.

Rather it would be a matter of grocery shopping or a beach party, you can easily use it in a hassle-free manner. Flip flops are usually made of rubber with various designs as per the requirements of a woman!














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