Top 4 Fascinating Temples In Hong Kong

Top 4 Fascinating Temples In Hong Kong

Temples are the symbol of peace and belief of Hindus and Buddhists. If you love to visit religious places so you have to visit temples that give you to know about something new Fascinating Temples In Hong Kong. Temples are known for their ancient structure,

architectural sculpture, Fascinating Temples In Hong Kong

and wall cravings. temple s are the most common tourist place, open for its worshipers and for those who come to make offerings. Every temple has its own history own story that makes it unique from others. Usually, visitors come to visit temples in different seasons, according to their feasibility and vacations. Most of them come to visit for organizing family functions, seeking blessings, and serve people. If you are going to plan a visit to these temples that give you a divine look any time.

Furthermore, Hong Kong is famous for its most fascinating temples, which attract people to its beauty and peaceful environment. Following is a list of some amazing temples that help to provide you with more information about their uniqueness and beauty. Aside from spectacular high-rise buildings, here are the traditional structural temples of Hong Kong that explain its story by itself.

1-Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin temple is usually open for its pilgrims. It is the home of three leading Chinese religions. Buddhism, Daoism, and Confusianism. It is named after Wong Tai Sin,

Whose believes all wishes come true,

but you have to wish by your heart. The structure of this temple is based on the traditional Feng Sui culture of china, which contains five elements fire, wood, metal, and earth in the various architectures. To get more offer click it on Agoda Coupon Code.

2-Ching Chung Koon

Ching Chung means ‘lush green pine tree’ admires by the teachings of Lu Dongbin, it is one-eighth eternal in Daiosm. ‘Koon’ means ‘Daoist temple’. It

was built in 1961 and shows the perfect

design of Chinese architecture. The main building of this temple gives you real brightness. There are pagodas, quadrangles, and towers by its surroundings that give you a perfectly peaceful environment. You can see Chinese calligraphy on the walls of the temple.

3-Fung Ying Seen Koon

Fung Ying Seen Koon originated from the name of two saintly mountains Fung Lai Mountain, and Ying Chau Mountain. It is the main spot of Daoism in Hong Kong. The color scheme of this temple perfectly explains the traditional Chinese culture. The bright orange color rooftop and

pillars are beautifully tiled with red color

giving an outclass look. While inside of the temple, there are all bright blue walls, and clouds painted on them give you a heavenly beautiful touch of the sky.

4-Pak Tai Temple

Pak Tai temple has taken honored about 200 years back. It is the premier empire of north, which consists of outclass ancient architecture. There are two antique

gems hidden in Pak Tai temple,

one is an iron sword and another is woodcraft

that is plated with gold. It is a

fully populated place specially during the Cheung Chau Bun Festival throughout the year,

and the bun scrambling competition is organized to

entertain the visitors and residentials.

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