Tips for Product Photo Editing for E-Commerce

Tips for Product Photo Editing for E-Commerce

Currently, the level of quality for product photography that the market requires is very high, making it increasingly difficult to find an eCommerce with poor photos on their website. As such, acceptable photos won’t suffice; to be average you need good photos and for outstanding results, you need very professional quality.

The photography process is essential for good results, however, editing the content plays an important role in increasing the quality and aesthetic of photographs when done correctly.

At Photography eCommerce, we are experts with years of experience creating the visual content our clients need. However, we understand that some companies prefer to handle this internally with their product photography.

In this article, we provide tips on how to edit your product photos to create attractive content for your customers.

Display the Product’s Color and Texture

The main purpose of a product photo is to convince the customer and thus increase the sales of the brand. Therefore, the information conveyed to the user needs to be as close to reality as possible, so that they know exactly what they are buying.

The photos that you include in your product sheets perfectly must show both the color and the texture of the product since they are factors that are usually very important in most sectors.

The technique of photography used is important for capturing product images, but post-processing also has an influence. Sometimes when taking photos, the light can be warmer or cooler which can slightly change the color of the garment. Additionally, if not illuminated properly, the texture or material of the product may appear different in the image.

Therefore, you should always keep this in mind when retouching your photos and not just aim to make them visually attractive – it is equally important that they also help the customer understand your product.

Use the White Background:

White backgrounds are still a popular choice for editing product photography in eCommerce due to the contrast it provides between the product and background and their smoothness which keeps customers focused on the product, without any distractions.

Trying to teach how to leave a white background in Photoshop would be too complex and there are too many variables to make it an optimal method for someone just starting.

The latest version of Photoshop includes a feature called “Select Subject” that can be useful.

If you do not use Photoshop, there are external solutions that can make your life easier, either by getting a provider to edit your images or tools that can automatically generate a white background for you.

Optimize the Size

The size of the images is a critical factor. If the images are too heavy (occupying many Kilobytes), they will slow down the loading of our page, which can negatively affect conversion rates.

We should aim for a balance where we’re making the items lightweight without compromising too much on quality so that they look good.

We can use some online tools to make the hard work easier.

Pay Attention to the Naming of Photos.

Naming your photographs is also an important factor.

Type using only letters, numbers, and hyphens. It is also advised to type everything in lowercase. This will prevent any problems when uploading images.

Additionally, consider SEO when creating your images. If you include the product/category name in the image, as a result, it will help users locate you in image search.

Photo editing Apps.

Here are 8 apps that can help you edit photos of your products, beyond the well-known tool Photoshop.

Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox

This Enlight Photofox is an app for iPhone and Ipad that offers users advanced editing tools combined with a QuickArts function, allowing them to apply artistic effects and filters to their product photos without prior experience in photo retouching.

Enlight Photofox has additional features that may be of interest.

  • Double exposure effects can be produced automatically, resulting in a composite image.
  • The pixelation effect can be used to create a pixelated image without requiring extensive photo manipulation expertise.
  • With a knowledge of photo processing, you can make use of tools such as curve adjustment and color intensity, in addition to working with layers or other options.
  • Distortion effects.
  • It is possible to add text, draw or apply color to the photo.
  • Export in different formats.

Other important features:

  • Available exclusively for iOS.
  • Additional features can be unlocked through in-app purchases.

Photoshop Express:

Photoshop Express

The Photoshop Express is a simplified, pocket-sized version of the world’s well-known photo editor. It is available on both iOS and Android devices and simplifies common photo retouching techniques typically done with Photoshop.

Photoshop Express offers additional features for a better user experience.

  • Quick repair tools provide easy correction of minor photo imperfections, including automatic fix mode.
  • Looks provide eye-catchy effects with a simple application.
  • collages
  • Stickers, tattoos, texts…
  • Save your edit to Photoshop for further adjustments.
  • You can share content directly on social networks from the App.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • In-app purchases are available to unlock additional features.
  • The premium service is available at prices ranging from €5.49 to €37.99.


The Hypocam is a camera and editor application that specializes in black-and-white photos specifically and is available for Android and iOS devices. 

It has several additional features as well.

  • You can use this App to take photos or edit existing ones from your album.
  • Editing tools designed for black-and-white photos are available.
  • This function allows you to share content directly on social networks.
  • Available for iOS and Android.
  • Free with in-app purchases.
  • The cost of extra tools ranges from €0.99 to €7.49 for each additional element.

Lens Distortions:


It is an app that offers a cinematic look to images through the use of layers. It was developed by a team experienced in providing post-production services to advertisers and audiovisual creators, focusing on bringing their professional quality to smartphone users. 

Additional features of Lens Distortions include:

  • Enhance your photos by adding rain, snow, or fog, and adjust the lighting for a realistic effect.
  • This editor works by adding layers with a range of light, texture, and other options to the original image, to create custom effects.
  • Premium mode offers 350 unique effects organized by their function.
  • Annual membership is available for $23.99, or a monthly membership that costs $2.99.


It is a mobile application for Apple and Android devices that offers an extensive range of filters, retouching tools, textures, frames, fonts, and in-house designs.

Afterlight has additional features that may be of interest.

  • This tool contains 130 filters for customizing photos, with new combinations added every month.
  • With 20 advanced tools, those with knowledge of photo manipulation can manually adjust various parameters of the image.
  • There are 60 textures and overlays to choose from, including light leaks, vintage effects, and natural textures.
  • such as Frames and borders.
  • Our library offers a wide range of fonts and designs that are regularly updated.
  • A free basic version is available, with the option to subscribe to a premium version.
  • Get a free one-year trial of the premium version.
  • Subscriptions are offered on a monthly, annual, or lifetime basis for €3.49, €19.49, and €39.99 respectively.



Another app is  Snapseed a Google-created photo editing App exclusively for iPhone and iPad users. It has an extensive selection of tools, including those that can be used to amend digital camera-captured images without degrading the quality. Its features for the enhancement of faces and facial poses are noteworthy.

Snapseed has many notable features.

  • There are 29 distinct tools and filters.
  • Digital camera images can be opened and edited, preserving image quality when saved.
  • You can apply various filters with precision.
  • The exposure and color are adjusted automatically.
  • It is possible to quickly and easily rotate, crop, and adjust the perspective and details.
  • The stain removal function can be used to eliminate undesirable elements from a photo.
  • Enlarge the size of the photo using a technique that optimizes the image with added padding.
  • Enhancing faces and facial poses to improve focus, brighten certain areas, or soften skin texture.
  • Exclusive for iOS.



Basically, VSCO is a video and photo editing app available for both Android and iOS that functions as an editor and a social network for creatives. It includes basic, free editing features, and more specialized options that may be purchased. In other words, the Discovery section of the app allows users to explore other members’ photos and join the VSCO community.

VSCO contains additional features of interest.

  • Basic Editor offers ten free modes and tools for auto-editing features such as contrast, saturation, grain, perspective, etc.
  • With the premium mode of advanced design tools, you will have access to over 200 pre-set effects that can be applied to your photos.
  • Video editor is suitable for creating short videos and GIFs for sharing on social media.
  • Montage mode enables users to produce animated collages.
  • Connect with other members of the VSCO community.
  • This product is compatible with Apple and Android devices.
  • Free basic editor.
  • There is a 7-day trial available for the premium mode.
  • Annual subscription for $19.99.

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