Placement after Masters in Columbia for students in 2022

Placement after Masters in Columbia for students in 2022


Because of its location at the top of South America’s northernmost peninsula, Colombia is quite simple to get from the United States, Canada, and Europe. The leading international airports in Colombia are serviced by a number of different airlines on a consistent basis, some of which include JetBlue and American Airlines. These may be found in the city of Bogotá, which serves as the nation’s capital; the city of Medellin; the city of Cali; the towns of Cartagena and Santa Marta; and the city of Pereira, which is in the coffee zone.

A CV for the job market

Hoja de Vida is the Colombian term for a resume or CV. The structure and the material are somewhat altered from the standard CV used in the United States. Columbia is the best place if you are planning to pursue Msc marketing in the USA. If you are seeking a job with a firm in Colombia, you will want to prepare your resume in the Hoja de Vida style rather than the usual CV format, even if worldwide companies will accept the regular CV.

  • Inclusion Criteria for the Hoja de Vida
  • Full Contact Details
  • Passport Size Photo
  • A paragraph describing who you are and the skills and experience you can contribute to the firm.
  • Comprehensive Educational Background
  • Additional Competencies and Accreditations

Previous Employment Experience

Including a compelling cover letter when sending the Hoja de Vida is essential. Any other information, such as your motive for applying for the position and relevant accomplishments, should be included in the cover letter.

When it comes to finding a remarkable career in the real world, nothing beats having experience in the real world. Every student at Columbia University is obliged to complete a year-long consulting project for a real customer, which might be anybody from a fledgling start-up to one of the Fortune 500 businesses. The students get to participate in these activities as part of the Operations Consulting course that lasts for a whole academic year.

You can probably imagine that these experiences significantly improve your marketability to prospective employers and have led to careers in a variety of fields, including but not limited to consulting, financial services, technology, advertising and communications media, start-ups, and other fields. Pricing, operations, optimization, and analytics are a few examples of the kind of projects that students work on.

It is particularly noteworthy that students from this department thrive in the atmosphere of the Consulting environment because the training and experience include the quantitative and qualitative abilities essential to succeed in this competitive industry. The coursework has an emphasis on management as well as technical viewpoints in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making, and risk management in complex systems.

Things to be aware of before working in Columbia

If you want to work in Colombia, you first need to get a work visa that is appropriate for your profession, occupation activity, or trade. You may get more information about this matter by contacting Migración Colombia. The state has the university that provide some of the best Masters in Finance in USA.

Before you may start working in a professional capacity, you must have your credentials verified by the appropriate agency and receive a license or authorization to operate from that organization. If you are in Colombia on a tourist visa, you won’t be able to find work there. One notable exception to this rule is if you run your own business as a digital nomad and pay taxes and other fees in another nation.

As a dependant, you are required to start making payments into Colombia’s General Social Security System as soon as you find work in the country. This will provide you with eligibility for a pension as well as public healthcare benefits. You are not required to make contributions to the pension plan as long as you can provide evidence that you are already contributing to a pension plan in another nation.

Final Thoughts

The IEOR Career department is aware of the specific difficulties and possibilities that our students from other countries encounter while studying in the United States. They have taken this into excellent account while building our professional development courses. Helping our foreign students comprehend and manage the cultural and professional situations they will find here is one of the ways we encourage them to step outside of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Students learn how to write introductory emails, participate in role-playing to prepare for one-on-one informational interviews, and develop their networking skills. Additionally, students learn how to keep connected after initial interviews and event attendance, using techniques that have been proven to work in the US marketplace.


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