Custom Design Hoodies For Your Little One

Custom Design Hoodies For Your Little One

Hoodies are popular wear among every age group. Moreover, they make ideal casual and comfortable wear. They are especially popular wear for kids and teenagers. Additionally, they serve as a token of appreciation for your loved ones. Therefore, send meaningful messages through a customized hoodie.

Whether you want a company logo or your kid’s favorite cartoon character, everything looks good on a hoodie. Moreover, a hoodie can provide comfort and warmth to your kid. With cool and artistic designs, stylize a hoodie to your liking.

How To Customize A Hoodie:

Custom designing requires proper planning and execution. Here is a step-by-step guide on customizing your hoodie without any hurdles.

1: Plan out a design

First, you need to choose the design for your hoodie. These designs can be of a varying range, depending on your kid’s personality. Additionally, you can follow a theme for customization. For example, if it is your kid’s birthday party, choose bright colors and their favorite cartoon character as a design.

Overall, you need to visualize your design. Sketch it out first and look for the perfect style. You can check out various websites that let you customize.

2: Choose a hoodie

The next step is to choose your hoodie. Look into different brands that offer quality hoodies. Moreover, look for reviews before making a purchase. A blank hoodie makes a nice choice for customization.

Furthermore, look into the fabric type and the brand of the hoodie. There are blends of fabric available that accommodate screen printing.

Brands such as Gildan, Jerzees, Fruit of the Loom, etc., provide some of the finest blank hoodies. In this case, Jerzees 996Y can be the appropriate choice. This product is a blend of cotton and polyester that will complement screen printing.

3: Screen printing vs embroidery

Lastly, you want the design to be on the hoodie. It is up to you on which type of medium you want to work with. If you are a mum with a knack for embroidering, you can create the design independently. However, you can opt for screen printing if it’s graphic art or aesthetic artwork.

Choose your local screen printer wisely. Screen printing looks best with fewer colours. Remember to ask about the inks in use because plastisol ink will accompany your design efficiently.

5 Creative Ideas For Designing The Hoodie:

Good designs require paying attention to small details. Moreover, a design should express a wearer’s emotions and sentiments. Here are 5 ways to make a meaningful gift for your kid.

1: Purposeful statements

Hoodies can also carry motivational messages. Words that can encourage your child in life can be printed on a hoodie. Therefore, turn a simple hoodie into a souvenir of gratification.

Moreover, casual statements are another provoking idea. These statements can be what your kid says daily or a famous movie line your kid loves. Overall, hoodies can be an outlet for expression and innovation.

Find a high-quality hoodie to work out your designs. Go for Jerzees 996Y because of its perfect fit and lightweight material. Also, look into other blank hoodies to make these purposeful statements stand out.

2: Kids’ artwork

Another unique idea is to utilize childhood drawings. Old drawings bring back fond memories and beautiful events of the past. Therefore, find old pictures of your kid and turn them into a potential design template!

Screen print these designs efficiently. Scan the drawing and convert it into a JPEG or PNG file. You can add colors to make the design vibrant. Afterwards, go to your local screen printer and have your design printed on the hoodie.

3: Follow a theme

Customize a hoodie based on your kid’s important event in life. It can be their elementary school graduation celebration or a birthday event. Moreover, it can also be a sports event or have a congratulatory message.

4: Hand embroidery

If you are a mum who enjoys embroidering, then utilize this gift to make a customized hoodie. Embroider special statements or designs that will look good on your kid. Moreover, some printers also provide embroidery services.

Hand embroidery would look exceptionally well on Jerzees 996Y due to the fabric quality. Embroider seamlessly on the hoodie, and give your designs a purpose.

5: Graphic hoodie

Abstract patterns and art will look good on the hoodie. Moreover, graphic art can be your kid’s favorite cartoon character. Therefore, graphic hoodies make a good souvenir. Look for a good screen printing service to visualize your graphic design efficiently.



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