3 Ways to Wear Sneakers with Party-Outfit

3 Ways to Wear Sneakers with Party-Outfit

Sneakers are not only for the gym or on weekends. It is right they look good with jeans and athleisure, but they can look equally good with your fancy dresses, party wear, skirts, and your statement coats. If you are a sneaker lover, this is your time to shine in your kicks, proud and loud.

Wearing sneakers with a dress is a vibe. We all love heels and the extra inches they give us when it calls for formal footwear, but no doubt comfort and being cool are our prime priorities. While shopping for the party we all want something that would make us look stylish and provide comfort to dance all night long.

And because you are wearing a nice and fancy outfit doesn’t mean you have to necessarily pair them with heels. Swapping those stilettos with sneakers won’t make you look odd-one-out, you might even look chicer with sneakers at a party than with heels.

Since our dance party dresses are comfy weather slip dresses or flowy sundresses, we should keep the theme going and pair them with cushy sneakers. We have gathered some ideas to help you guide on styling sneakers with party outfits. tips for washing your baseball cap

1. With A Silk Midi Dress

You would have never imagined that old-school sneakers, dad socks, and silk midi dresses could perfectly go together, and here they do. The retro look of sneakers could be balanced by luxurious silk or satin fabric and will look even better with a thigh-high slit. Midi dresses could be fun to style, they go with literally anything.

A midi dress with pastel sneakers, this look can help you change the style game at the party. Going with pumps and heels makes your overall look classy and elegant but adding sneakers instead is the real game changer. Plus, the comfort they provide is another bonus point. For a fresh pair of kicks to give your entire outfit a new look you can check out Puma Malaysia.

2. With A Maxi Dress

Long flowy maxi dresses are the best to pair with sneakers. If you plan to wear a maxi dress to a party and work about going too boho, pairing them with sneakers could be the ideal way. You can pair a bright color maxi dress with a pair of fresh white kicks, you can choose a citrus shade for your dress.

Gone are the days when flouncy dresses wear loved to be worn with athletic chunky sneakers, this year the fashion statement look is more towards coordinating them with minimalistic kicks. So stick with simple kicks, they don’t have to be just white you can choose white kicks with some accent on them. It would be great if they match your outfit.

3. With Leather Trousers

You might have already seen the new trendy faux leathers. Though, faux leathers are not just reserved for leather jackets. They are being reimagined by fashion enthusiasts, in pieces like trousers and waistband pants. For sneaker lovers, the good news is they pair perfectly well with sneakers.

To give a perfect fall look you can throw a sweater or a jacket in pop color. If your sneakers are black the n you should pass on leather and go with suede or fabric. While white kicks look great with a leather version. To achieve a whole look, make sure some ankle shows.

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